1. Google translation is prepared in the footer.

2. English, Korean and Chinese can be selected.

3. From the product page, please select your desired color & size.

4. Press the blue button to check out.
(From the top, “item total(Yen)”,
“Payment on this site(you choose)”,
“Pay with amazonpay (not choose, only for amazon-japan accounts member)”,
“Go ahead (on the blue button)”)

5. Shipping. Please select DHL.
(Sagawa-Express, Only in Japan)

6. Please fill in the form.
From the top, your name *Required,
japanese name *not required,
zipcode(0000000) *Required,
Prefectures(states) *Required,pulldown

7. Please select the lowest “海外” =overseas.

8. Please fill in the form.
From the top, detail address, -City,street,etc *Required,
Building or apartment name, room number,etc *not required,
your phone number *Required,
your e-mail *Required,
checkbox - Receive an e-mail news.

9. It is a payment. Please select “Square”.
(The form is coupon code.)

10. Press the blue button “Confirm your order”.
(From the top, “Remarks column”,
“Confirm your order” (on the blue button),
“Continue shopping”

11. Finally, Confirm the contents and press the blue button to complete.